Police Cowardice and savagery in Rio de Janeiro – 17 march, 2014

18 mar

Agents of repression of the Brazilian fascist military police drag the body shot of a worker in the streets of the northern area of Rio de Janeiro
The nursing assistant Claudia Silva Ferreira, 38, was shot during a gunfire between military police of the 9th Battalion(one of the most violent and dangerous of Rio de Janeiro’s police) and common bandits of Morro da Congonha in Madureira . She was shot in the neck and in her back .
The police savagery went beyond than that. Images shot by an amateur cameraman and published by the newspaper Extra show the body of Claudia stuck to a police van in motion and being dragged by the Intendente Magalhães Highway, in the northern area of Rio de Janeiro. She would have been placed in the open trunk and her body rolled, getting stuck in bumper.
Sources say the nursing assistant was rescued still alive and sent to the Hospital Carlos Chagas in Marechal 1798887_617401591671855_645321331_oHermes, but the patient died .
Speaking to journalists, Claudia’s son and her husband said:
– When I left, my mother was already thrown on the ground, bloodied. I asked the police officer why they had shot my mother . They said nothing .
– They Dragged the body of my wife as if she were a sack . Her leg was all raw. They should not have done this to her … She was a worker, dedicated, lovely woman , not a criminal . I do not know why they did this to her.
And she was another daughter of the people, a humble worker, who lived in a Brazilian favela, cruelly murdered. See the video: (English version: Max Marreiro)


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